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The Miner Ring - 18k Gold Plated

Product image 1The Miner Ring - 18k Gold Plated
Product image 2The Miner Ring - 18k Gold Plated
Product image 3The Miner Ring - 18k Gold Plated
Product image 4The Miner Ring - 18k Gold Plated
Product image 5The Miner Ring - 18k Gold Plated
Product image 6The Miner Ring - 18k Gold Plated

Regular price $238.00

This piece hits home. Being that Oil & Forge Co. resides close to the old mining town of Telluride, Colorado, and still works for the Idarado Mining Co in the warm months of the year. I can only imagine what a miner in the 1800s went through daily. The pay each man or woman would receive was equivalent to $50 in today’s economy, excluding housing and the other essentials they needed to live. This piece shows a Miner holding an excavated rock of gold and standing on a shovel that is engraved with "Results At Last," resembling everything a miner gave for the chance of winning it big. Handcrafted & made from the highest quality Sterling Silver, Palladium, & 18 Karat Gold. We offer this Ring in size 6 through 12.

How we plate - Once again, the piece is thoroughly inspected then prepared for the first step of plating by adhering 3 microns of Palladium to seal the piece and create the best possible barrier between the silver and gold. After the Palladium is applied, we then proceed to coat the piece with 4-6 Microns of 18 Karat Gold so you can enjoy your unique work of art for a long-lasting time.

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